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Please note that support questions will be answered as quickly as possible, but may take up to 48 hours. Please do not repeat your questions within this time span.

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    We rely on you (the users) to help us police the content of the site. If you want to report abuse please email and we will do our best to remove undesirable content, and if necessary, delete the accounts of abusive users.
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    If you would like to advertise on the site, please email
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    If you would like to request a new category, for either the health or interests site, please email and we will consider your request. Please note that we cannot add all requested categories, but we will try to answer all requests.
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    For general enquiries please email
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    If you experience any problems or errors while using the site please email If the error reported an error number (eg "Error 213"), please include this.
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    If you have any ideas for improvements to the site we are very interested in your opinions, please email Your opinions as a user  are very important to us, and we will consider any suggestions that you make.

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