Thursday 30th June 2022 
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Health Introduction

Health – a source of joy when you have it, and unending misery when you don’t.

Who knows how you feel?

The people with similar problems on certainly do.

Whether you are a sufferer, a parent, a carer, a friend, like-minded people who have felt it, done it, and touched it on a daily basis know how you feel.

Talk to them from around the world. Lighten their day and maybe they can lighten yours.

Due to the delicate and personal nature of some illnesses would like to remind you that all personal data is as secure as possible and that although your username, region and personal profile will be displayed, other users will only be able to communicate with you in the first instance through our site. They will not be given your personal e-mail address and only if you reply to an e-mail from another user will this information be revealed.

In addition, the categories included in the Health Site are only designed to be a starting point. We realise that we have not included every different medical condition and ailment, and we would ask that if you would like to add a category to please contact us on

We have already had requests from members of our Health Site to help in the research into various illnesses. We would anticipate that a very limited number of questionnaires may be sent out over a period of a year in order that you can help the medical profession to make further advances. intends to keep this area of their website free to all, wherever they are in the world.

Support us – Support yourselves.


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