Thursday 30th June 2022 
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Interests Introduction

What do you find interesting?

Ever thought of trying something new?

Do you know people from all over the world with the same interests?

The idea behind is that the best people to talk to are the ones already doing it!

From candle-making to woodcraft, or bird watching to bungee jumping you can find like-minded people anywhere in the world on

One example for use:

You build up your own list of contacts around the world, which on a day to day basis you can exchange tips, ideas and questions.

You decide to go to a different part of the country or even a different country for a holiday.

Your contacts in that part of the world can advise you – where to go, where to stay within your budget, what to see, what not to miss, how to get around, and maybe even a day together.

Currently members are able to enter their personal profiles under 10 interest sub-categories.

We have tried to include as many categories and topics as possible. If you have a particular hobby, interest or past-time that has not been included then please feel free to request a category or sub-category at

If you have a particular problem or a question to pose other enthusiasts then please feel free to post a message on the board.

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